Orange Crush

Puma Golf Commercial
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Luxurious Animals was thoroughly juiced when id29 asked us to direct and produce “Orange Crush,” a 30-second broadcast spot for Puma Golf.

2010 PGA Rookie of the Year Rickie Fowler is the newest member of Cobra-Puma Golf’s Tour team. And Rickie really, really likes the color orange. So, equipped with high-speed cameras and our in-house green screen facilities, we captured the golfing phenom and his high-performance Cobra AMB Driver blasting hundreds of oranges into the sweet hereafter.

Working from id29’s initial script, Luxurious Animals honed the concept through several iterations of hand drawn storyboards and shot planning. Because we had limited time with Rickie, a rehearsal day of lights and technical choreography was necessary to pull off the multiple camera angles.

Rickie, along with most of the oranges, were shot with a 120fps Red camera on Stage 5 in-house. Secondary effects footage was completed at J&M Special Effects in Brooklyn. As much as we wanted to blow up oranges on our own stage, we were glad to work with a company that already had the proper permits and explosives to get the job done. We rigged tree-ripened navel oranges with small explosive charges* and captured the succulent results at 2500fps on a Phantom Flex. By the way, capturing detonating oranges in slow motion is true poetry.

With live action completed, we swung into the back nine, handling all keying, 3D compositing and color correction. The end result: we had a blast, and helped id29 and Cobra-Puma Golf score a hole- in-one. It's Go Time.

*After the Harold Edgerton-inspired rifle didn’t work out. Apparently bullets just don’t make oranges go boom the way they should.