AutoPano Template for Samsung Gear 360 2017
So you got a Samsung Gear 360 2017 camera and you wish you could stitch with the professional tools like AutoPano Video? Well, we at Luxurious Animals have made a template to get you started.

Download the AutoPano template for the Samsung Gear 360 2017 camera.


First thing you need to do is duplicate your Gear 360 2107 footage on your computer. You will need two copies of your file in order for AutoPano to be able to stitch. Append one as “_front.mp4” and the other “_back.mp4” to make it easier to know which one is which. Remember, you will need to do this for every Samsung Gear 360 2017 video you want to stitch with AutoPano Video in the future.

Open the AutoPano Video app and “Drag’’n’drop” your two duplicated Gear 360 2017 files into the AutoPano Video window.

Locate the “Stitch” icon in the top of the nav and select it.

Select the radio button “stitch as .pano (select in folder)” and find the “4096x2048_Gear360_2017.pano” file that is in the “AutoPano_Gear360_2017_4096x2048_template” folder that is provided.
Select the “Stitch” button.

You should see that your 360 render will appear stitched in the “Realtime Preview” window. In there, you can drag to adjust your horizon line and drag your video’s central feature to the center of the frame. Choose the “Apply” button.

Render as you normally would by selecting the “Render” widget icon at the top nav.

Remember this file will get you close to a great stitch but each 360 video is slightly different. If you have AutoPano Giga you can tweak your control points for better results on your own 360 videos.

Special thanks to Alex Pearce Productions for their Youtube video on creating custom templates with AutoPano Video. Seriously, you rock!

Download the AutoPano template for the Samsung Gear 360 2017 camera.
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