Behind The Scenes With Born From Speed
Our latest project with New Balance and Almighty, the “Born from Speed” commercial, has just gone live. We directed and produced a 30 second commercial for the New Balance Velocity 773 Collection. The shoe was inspired by American athlete and Grand Prix Champion, Maggie Vessey, the star of the shoot. Luxurious Animals choreographed Maggie's movements for the commercial: adding wind from a fan and lighting effects at precisely timed moments to re-enforce the world around her.

In post-production, Luxurious Animals began to add the magic. We composited the video of Maggie into a city scene populated with colorful, animated graffiti. The end result is a dreamy, endlessly reactive world following each movement Maggie makes.

It was important to construct and urban environment into which Maggie could be composited. After the world was created, we crafted a simple street-art style for our animated graffiti. The drawings had to match the mood New Balance was looking for to introduce the new Velocity 773 shoe.

Below you can see a visual journey of our design and animation process. Enjoy!

Initial Environment Designs
Initial environment designs.

TOP: Round 1/Initial Graffiti Drawings BOTTOM: Final Composition Graffiti Drawings
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