Bombardier: We Move People
We are pleased to announce the launch of a new interactive campaign for Bombardier, the world’s only manufacturer of trains and planes. The campaign includes over 20 units (standard and rich) and is featured in such highly-trafficked areas as Reuters, Wall Street Journal, LinkedIn, Financial Times, Bloomberg, and Barrons.


What makes planes and trains and exists in over 40 countries worldwide? Well, that would be Bombardier, the world’s only manufacturer of planes and trains. Recently Luxurious Animals together with Taxi had the pleasure of creating a series of beautifully animated banner ads, both rich and standard, for Bombardier’s new awareness campaign targeted to American investors. What set these apart from the crowd: highly detailed, hand-crafted typography animation, richly animated backgrounds and vehicles, and evocative user interactions to help engage their target audience.

Our Approach

As we created this work, we strove for powerful imagery and compositing to bring across the exhilaration of the amazing vehicles produced by Bombardier. We set all our scenes at sunset, the “magic hour”, to bath our planes and trains in dramatic lighting. When creating our animation we paid attention to the smallest details; the glimmer of highlights on the side of an engine, the shadows of power lines and trees passing over as a train hurtles toward its destination, the reflection of the sky in a cockpit window. For our typographic animation, we carefully chose a style which would have the right momentum and movement to convey the grandeur of this brand. Drawing inspiration from various broadcast campaigns, we were able to create a typographic style that had the richness of animation of a motion graphics campaign, but still fit into the requirements of a banner campaign.
Standard Banners
All told, Luxurious Animals and Taxi created 3 standard banner concepts which we then spread across 4 different banner sizes. Throughout the process, we faced challenges with file size due to the hand-crafted nature of the animation style that we selected. Luckily, we are experts at rolling up our sleeves to translate the beauty of a camera move hand-keyed in After Effects into a lightweight vector animation in Flash. We also followed various tricks of the trade to keep our imagery lightweight without sacrificing all the tiny details that make it so beautiful.
Rich Banners
Luxurious Animals also created two rich media concepts for this campaign; one to emphasize the duality of creating planes and trains, and one to emphasize the global nature of the company. Again, the team faced challenges with file size, particularly with the global concept, which involved having to fit a 3D spinning globe into less than 160k! After trying out several different technologies we ended up with Away3D lite as the best option, both from a file size and a functional point of view.
The campaign was enormously successful and reached a large audience—the duality RM banner in and of itself had over 1M impressions, 1500 clicks, and a CTR% of over 0.15% in the first couple weeks after the banners went live. We’re looking forward to launching phase II of this project in September, which includes an iPad application.
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