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Luxurious Animals teamed up with Ogilvy, Huggies Jeans, and Old Navy to create this fun and friendly site to spread awareness and support for Huggies’ Every Little Bottom campaign, a charitable initiative with one single mission: to help get diapers to babies in need in the U.S. and Canada. It’s simple: the more the user interacts with the site and participates in the fun, the more diapers Huggies will donate to families in need.

Visitors to the site have the option of viewing or adding to the photo gallery, creating a runway show starring their baby, or watching the Huggies Jeans commercial to find out what it’s all about. Every time a visitor “Likes” the site, another diaper is donated to a baby in need.

Browse and Upload to the Photo Gallery

Either browse the photos or upload a photo of your little one in Huggies Jeans diapers! There are two custom skins; one that is Huggies-themed, one that is Old Navy-themed. Every photo upload or “Like” that an individual photo receives means another diaper donated to a baby in need. Photos can be viewed one at a time, or sorted according to recentness and number of likes. Once uploaded and approved, visitors can share their baby photo with others to spread awareness and get more “Likes”.

Create a Fashion Show

Visitors to the site can also make a custom fashion show, starring their baby in Huggies Jeans diapers! First, upload a baby photo and adjust the body and personal preferences. Then, select a stage! There are three—a fairytale-themed stage with confetti and fireworks, a fashion-themed stage complete with paparazzi and light show, and an Old Navy stage with custom-animated illustrated characters, an the ability to optionally dress your baby in one of two super C-U-T-E baby shirts. Once you select a stage, you’ll see your baby strut, dance, juggle, and “robot” their way down the runway. Once completed and approved by moderation, you can share your show via Facebook, Twitter, and email and garner more support for the Every Little Bottom cause. Luxurious Animals teamed up with Oddcast to develop the functionality of this section.


Within two weeks of going live, there were 61,036 total visits to the site. 6,029 visitors created a runway show and 4,126 uploaded browsed/uploaded a photo to the photo gallery. Also there were over 4,000 “Likes” just to the site itself. Keep in mind that every photo upload, fashion show, and “Like” equals one diaper donated to a baby in need — that means that just in two short weeks after launch we helped literally thousands of babies! Luxurious Animals couldn’t be more proud to be part of this successful charitable venture with Huggies Jeans.
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