Falling Skies
Digital Kitchen brought in Luxurious Animals to create a teaser site for TNT's new sci-fi drama, Falling Skies, produced by Steven Spielberg. The site's falling animation mimics the alien invasion and hosts a trailer for the series premiere in June 2011. The opening animation is an ominous countdown against a parallactic star field that interacts with the user's mouse movements. Once the viewer initiates the sequence, the countdown quickly ticks down to zero sending the user on a collision course with Earth. The screen glitches occasionally as the viewer is pushed through the atmosphere towards Boston. Just before impact, a final glitch occurs and the official show trailer begins. The teaser site was meant to be enjoyed by any viewer, not just science-fiction devotees, to get a wider audience excited for the premiere.

Agency: Digital Kitchen/TNT
Role: Design Elements, Animation, 3D Rendering, Flash Coding, Sound Design
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