Go Stripe Yourself
Give customers an HTML5 app that lets them snap a pic, customize their fur, and share with friends.

Every tiger has unique stripes. Why not people? Enter Stripe Yourself. Personalize your very own pictures with ears, fur, stripes, whiskers, dramatic jungles scenes, and even lightning. Customize it. Save it. Share it. Love it.

A clever use of a user’s built-in camera, HTML5 canvas and the Facebook API that delivers Photoshop-like effects in the browser. Works everywhere – from the desktop to mobile devices. Very cool. Look ma – no plug-ins.

Everyone once in a while you get a call that’s a dream job. Who better to help the San Diego Zoo than Luxurious Animals? We don’t follow the herd and neither do tigers.

The San Diego Zoo Safari Park is debuting a brand new 5.2 acre Tiger Trail Memorial Day weekend. Luxurious Animals was enlisted to help build awareness by creating a cutting-edge customer engagement app to create excitement and spread the word.

There are fewer than 400 Sumatran tigers left in the wild. The San Diego Tiger Trail is designed to help visitors experience and encounter tigers in their natural habitat and call attention to their plight.

With the main goal to generate online excitement about the Tiger Trail exhibit, Luxurious Animals developed Stripe Yourself, a personalized photo-booth web app takes advantage of built-in cameras (desktop, tablet, and smartphones) and the latest technologies that lets new and existing San Diego Zoo Safari Park customers release their inner Sumatran kitty. The result? Thousands of engaged customers fur-fying their faces in social communities and galleries.

Go Stripe Yourself here: http://sdzsafaripark.org/stripeyourself/
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