Yar, Mobile Audio Shall Suck No More
Enhance the mobile audio experience with some groundbreaking tech

Who doesn’t enjoy being a pirate with an uber-sound-track?

HTML5 browser-game, Dolby Audio API, Android App Dev

Luxurious Animals originally created the Lux Ahoy! video game as a skunk-works project designed to prove to ourselves that we could deliver Flash-like web experiences using the emerging suite of HTML5 technologies. We published the game and were pleasantly surprised to see that 18,000 players a month showed up to play. One of those players happened to be an employee at Dolby. (Playing after hours of course.)

Eric Ang, Head of the Dolby Developer Program, had this to say, "Our partnership with Luxurious Animals began when we fell in love with their Lux Ahoy! game. We asked them to bring their creativity and technical skills to our top secret project that would bring amazing sound to mobile. That project eventually became released to the public as the Dolby Audio API.”

The result? A few months later Garrett Nantz, Luxurious Animals’ Chief Creative Officer presented the new and improved game at Apps World in San Francisco to a standing room crowd.

“When AppsWorld came around, I was happy to offer them stage time to showcase the features of our API. Their deep knowledge of our products and passion for marketing helps Dolby achieve our goals of raising awareness and acquiring more customers. The Animals rock," Ang further elaborated.

Attendees were able to play the game and listen to the enhanced experience. “With the Dolby API, mobile’s built-in tiny speakers sound crystal clear and yet massive. Even in the noisy crowd of the Apps World conference it was possible to hear the game,” Nantz explained. Check it out for yourself using the links below.

Download Lux Ahoy! from Google Play or the Amazon Store.
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