Night of Luxurious Thinkers: July 21, 2010 | Online and Offline
Thank you all for making our first Night of Luxurious Thinkers such a success. What was originally slated as a 20-30 person chat turned into 60+ folks from all different fields. It was our goal to bring smart people together, and that was certainly accomplished.

We started off the night with a Pecha Kucha** setting up the nights event: In a world so digitally interchangeable and immersive, why are we still operating as though “digital” is a beast unto itself? The Pecha Kucha led into a fascinating panel. Comprised of an innovation consultant, content developer, service provider and a digital strategist, the topics were backed by every path. We discussed the dilemma that 15-20 years ago we came up with this world “Online”, defining anything trapped in a computer. Due to the name (creating therefore the thing we call Offline), marketers see things in black and white; online/offline. This is, by all accounts today, wrong. We live attached to phones. is a great example of how, albeit being technology, is used real-time in a non-technology setting. Same goes for what LonelyGirl15 did with video, FourSquare is doing, ChatRoulette is doing etc… However, by creating this split, it often disregards big ideas coming from digital agencies, or innovation consultancies.

On the panel was:
Ryan Jacoby – IDEO
Nihal Mehta – Buzzd
Mesh Flinders – LonelyGirl
Torsten Gross – Luxurious Animals

In the coming days we will be putting up video’s from the panel. The topics we will show are:
- Will content ever talk to content?
- What is the right agency model? (if any)
- What is the first experience you’ve had and how has it changed?

Hope to see you at the next Night of Luxurious Thinkers.

** Pecha Kucha is presentation form that allots the presenter 20 slides which automatically rotate every 20 seconds (I’ll save you the math – it’s 6m 40s). A challenging feat, especially for someone like me who likes to talk.

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