ooVoo.com Redesign
Our fresh new site design for ooVoo.com just went live today!


The Luxurious Animals team was recently given the tremendous opportunity to re-brand ooVoo.com. Our mission: to create a look and feel that speaks to a young and hip audience, ooVoo’s key demographic. While ooVoo had already been an award winning, free video chat service available on a wide variety of platforms and mobile devices including Windows, Mac, Android and iPhone, their look and feel didn’t speak to the lifestyle aspect of their brand.

We collaborated with the ooVoo team to create visuals that spoke to young adults trying to keep up with their friends or tech-savvy entrepreneurs communicating through video conference calls. ooVoo strives to set themselves apart from their competitors by catering to an audience that’s always on the go and providing a tool that enhances one’s social and work life. ooVoo.com is now sleeker and sharper than ever. But don’t take our word for it — ask one of the six million visitors who’ve come to the site since its launch.
you can find more info about oovoo.com on


by vanesa on Jan 25th 2012 at 6:25pm
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