Quick 360° Video Tips: Post FX in Photoshop
Yep, you heard right. If you didn't know you could do advanced color correction and remove the tripod from 360° video all within Photoshop, prepare to be amazed.

Camera RAW Filter
While for several years now you could open videos in Photoshop, Adobe has just recently added this incredible filter called Camera Raw that mimics how Photoshop can treat any layer as if it was originally a 12 to 16 bit RAW file format even though it is only 8 bit. Now of course, there are limitations to how far you can push color in an 8 bit file but it gives so much more freedom.

• Individually manipulate luminance, saturation, or hue of any color with ease
• Reduce purple and green color fringing
• Reduce noise/grain in the luminance channel and/or the color channel
• Change color temperature of your footage

Removing Tripod Trick
We learned this trick from a Mikka Luster's Youtube video that talked about how to digitally remove the tripod from a 360° photo. Thank you, Mikka! And the same idea can be used for 360° video as well.

Image Rotate Canvas 180°
Filter > Distort > Polar Coordinates

Using the Content Aware Fill is bad-ass and saves you so much time.

Content Aware Fill Dialog Window
Content Aware Fill Dialog Window

Offset Filter
This filter is older than dirt and rarely gets used by anyone. But with the offset filter, you can move what is the supposed to be the center point of your footage in one step. Note: After Effects and Premiere also have this plugin.

Offset Filter Dialog Window
Offset Filter Dialog Window

The only downside to using Photoshop for video is that it exports rendered video in an old school, huge file-sized, Animation codec. There isn't much compression so great quality. Unfortunately, the file will choke on its own gigantic file size if you try to play it back on your computer's video player. You will want to convert with another program to an h264 or h265. That way, your computer has a chance to showing you the results.
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