Review: FeiyuTech G360 Gimbal
Finally, 360° gimbals have arrived to move the camera without fear of shaky footage. Think of it as a portable steadicam. This is pretty important to your VR goggle wearing audience as it helps keep a level horizon thus eliminating that "sea-sick" feeling. Traditional gimbals have their motors on the side but since 360° cameras can see in all directions part of the view would be blocked. 360° gimbals have been re-designed to move the motors below.

We at Luxurious Animals bought a FeiyuTech G360 to enjoy the freedom of movement in 360.° Here's our thoughts on how it performed.

For the first couple of days, we mistakenly believed that we should feel some vibration from the gimbal. So we set the gimbal's motors through the Feiyu mobile app too high and then saw that our footage had this awful micro-vibration look to it. It wasn't until we set the motors to a little less than half-way that the vibration went away. Basically if the gimbal holds the camera level even when you shake or rotate the handle, then the gimbal motors are doing their job.They should be silent. Once we adjusted the motors, our gimbal performed smoothly when walking over uneven terrain and even on a jet ski at 60mph. The compact size is perfect for traveling and its pole telescopes to extend its height by a couple feet.

Watch our Youtube video on the Feiyu G360 gimbal.

Purchase the Feiyu G360 from Amazon for around $349.00

Perfect travel size
Smooth shots even at 60 mph on jet ski

Button to turn on gimbal has confusing lights
Bottom tripod mount will pop out of the socket easily and drop your camera if attached to a longer tripod pole

Final Thoughts
We definitely recommend this gimbal.

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