The Esquire House: From Boyhood To The Ultimate Bachelor Pad
Esquire magazine selected Luxurious Animals to design the media room in the 2010 Esquire House. An $18 million dollar Los Angeles home was completely renovated into the “Ultimate Bachelor Pad”. Our role was to transform the media room into a virtual reality lounge, an immersive tech-forward installation satisfying the Esquire man's desires. Lufthansa sponsored the room, so our design reflects the luxury airline’s sleek, modern brand throughout the experience.

The ultimate bachelor may be all grown-up but the boyish obsessions for trains, planes and automobiles has only been amplified by speed, size and technology. Our goal is to create the best of both worlds: integrate the latest and greatest technology without compromising living space. To satisfy this desire our concept was a virtual reality flight simulator we call "Dream of Flight". Today’s bachelor looks for a seamless fusion of technology and lifestyle. The design challenge was to provide unparalleled functionality, without creating a massive technological eye sore in the center of a room. Therefore, the projectors, camera and components are architecturally hidden from view to maintain the streamlined design of the lounge. Our aspiration was to design interactivity without a traditional input device. Our solution is a complete sensory experience without limits or restrictions. No mouse, no controller, just the user and the open sky. The result was a one-of-a-kind ground breaking experience in a brilliantly sophisticated space, perfect for the modern Esquire man.

Being given the task of integrating next-generation technology in an all-star house is a great honor for our digital agency. The Esquire House, especially the Lufthansa room, is the quintessential embodiment of function blended with lifestyle; the perfect opportunity for Luxurious Animals.
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