We’re Hiring Junior Web Developers

Ok, so maybe “junior” is a bit demeaning. “Entry level?”

But entry level these days can mean a lot, so let’s be more clear:
We’re looking for someone who’s got a passion for building great web sites and apps, and wants to learn from one of the best teams around — but also teach the old dogs some new tricks.

You’re fluent with fluid layouts, have CSS stylee, and you’re ecstatic for ECMAScript. Brownie points if you’ve built compiled applications or have back-end development chops. Your level of professional experience and a buttoned-up resumé don’t matter as much as code examples.

So send us us that un-buttoned up resumé*, a list of URLs to some of your recent work, your GIT repo, and/or some code samples that you’re especially proud of.

*If you don’t want to spend hours getting your resume up-to-date, just send it later. Seriously.

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