We’re Hiring Senior Web Developers

‘I wish we could just build it with tables.’

If this thought plagued you years ago and still regularly comes to you in sheet-drenching nightmares, then we’re looking for you.

We need a front-end developer — grizzled and scarred, a real national-geographic-footage animal.*  Someone who knows browsers: desktop, mobile, and mythical.

If you’re one of those, join our pack.

You’ll get the following:
A strong voice in creative direction. Your ideas and concerns will be a critical part in the creative process. You’ll never be the last step in a creative process that ends with a foot on your face. You have an idea? It will be heard. You don’t like a designer’s idea? We’ll burn it to the ground.

* You don’t even have to be that grizzled and scarred, really. We’re just looking for that sort of mindset.


Celebrities visit our office building on a regular basis (though you’re not allowed to touch them).

There’s a secret amazing cocktail bar in the back of the coffee shop one block away (the coffee ain’t bad either).

Whiskey a plenty.

Healthful snacks — we’re not allowed to have company-subsidized junk food anymore, so if this floats your boat, good for you.

Send us your resumé*, a list of URLs to some of your recent works, your GIT repo, and/or some code samples that you’re especially proud of.

*If you don’t want to spend hours getting your resume up-to-date, just send it later. Seriously.

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