Esquire and Lufthansa

5th Clock and the Stream

Interactive Digital Installation
On Thursday, October 13th, Esquire kicked off the ninth annual Ultimate Bachelor Pad party here in New York. Luxurious Animals was graciously invited back and asked to envision a new way for Lufthansa to interact in the modern social world. We explored the beautiful penthouse clocktower apartment that was chosen as the Ultimate Bachelor Pad this year, and were inspired by the unique space and the unique views it offered. The idea of both offering more unique views on the world, and seamlessly integrating digital work into physical spaces really stuck with us.

The result was two massive installations called the 5th Clock and the Stream. The 5th Clock is a 7 foot digital projection that mirrors the clocks of the first floor. It silently tells time, but also affords beautiful views of destinations around the world. You can see lights blinking on the tallest skyscrapers in Dubai, and a minute later be watching windmills turn in the Netherlands. Guests of the event can control the location of the 5th clock by tweeting suggestions to its personal twitter account.

The Stream is a 15 foot social media dashboard integrated into the architecture of the room. Allowing the Ultimate Bachelor to stay connected without being disconnected from his surroundings and guests. The 5th Clock tweets are always shown on the dashboard, establishing a connection between the digital components of the room. Guests can also participate by tweeting, posting Instagram photos, and checking in on foursquare. All of these social media outlets are gathered into the Stream for display along with trending topics from the 5th Clocks current destination.

Together the installations not only unite the digital and physical spheres of the Ultimate Bachelor, but provide an interactive, engaging, and beautiful space for guests to experience.

The installations have been featured on quite a few news outlets, notably the Today Show, the DIY channel, and Esquire's own publishings. A few of these have been linked on our sidebar, feel free to check them out!