Axe / Unilever

Axe Hair ‘Neon’

Banner Campaign
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3 Hair Action Rich Media Units:
The flickering neon light in these Axe Hair ads sets a voyeuristic point of view. You become witness to a seduction and between the flashes of red light you helplessly watch a plain, innocent guy fall prey to beautiful women. They are drawn to his hair, a phenomena called Axe Hair Action. The last flash of light leaves you with one of the three products: Axe Shampoo, Styling and Freeze.

For the “Axe Shampoo” concept, two women sight a man on the phone with irresistible coiffure. Little does he know, he is soon to be a victim of Hair Action. The females hunt him and then come in for the attack, much to his happy surprise. Squeezed in the phone booth the frisky threesome enjoy the guy’s ravishing hair.

In “Axe Styling,” a man at a copier is unknowingly stalked by a female coworker. He catches her eye and Hair Action hits. She grabs his head, then–work be damned–papers go flying and the two have a frolicking good time at office.

In “Axe Freeze,” a female Eskimo lounges in a cozy igloo. Luxuriating with her on the polar bear rug is her catch: a rugged young man. The scene suggests he was engaged in an outdoor activity before she brought him back to her icy hot lair. The Hair Action overtakes the sultry Inuit and she is all over him, with no complaints from her captive.