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CMT premieres a new Friday night television hour called “CMT Adventure Country”, with two original reality TV shows: “Gator 911″ and “Danger Coast”. To introduce their shows Campfire partnered with Luxurious Animals to create the official website, “Welcome to Adventure Country.”

The site begins with three silhouetted vehicles rushing into dangerous situations and resolves to an aerial view of Adventure Country. You, as a tourist, can explore the city by mousing over buildings, stop lights, and mailboxes. You’ll discover hidden rescues, videos, audio, Flickr photos, the local town business cards, and street postings. The citizens of Adventure Country enjoy simple things. You know, like long walks on the beach, playing frisbee, wrestling alligators, risking their own lives to rescue victims from ships engulfed in flames. Yeah, all part of the daily life here. Other action packed secrets will reveal themselves to those willing to search.

The “Danger Coast” and “Gator 911″ sections of the site allow internet tourists to watch promo videos and become fans on Facebook. Meanwhile, a Guided Tour video uncovers the answer to one of Adventure Country’s mysteries, “Is there something in the water?”

To give an even more personalized touch, the second Guided Tour video incorporates your Facebook photos and information to glorify you as their Number One Hero, just like the real life ones on “Adventure Country”.

Check out the site; you never knew such a tiny world could hold so much adventure.