User Experience

DarkOwl Vision
Did you know that only 5% of the web is searchable by Google? Hard to believe but true. The other 95% is where people illegally trade your information. This is where DarkOwl comes in. It provides Fortune 500 companies and law enforcement insights as to how their data is being sold and put a stop to it.

Luxurious Animals was brought in to help reimagine the user experience for DarkOwl Vision. Our job was to make it even easier for their customers to review information and act upon it.

DarkOwl Director of Product, Sarah Prime noted: “We have many initiatives planned for 2020, and this is just the beginning; this new design makes it easier and more efficient to find threats and compromised data on the darknet. We’re excited to continue adding features to better serve our customers.”

DarkOwl Vision - Research screen

Vision’s new UI improves simplicity of use and allows for more intuitive navigation of our darknet collection. Aligning with modern design principles, the enhanced UI also allows for improved monitoring by making it simpler to automate searches, one of our most heavily used features. By making other improvements such as allowing users to access all of their data from the first page and streamlining commonly used search tools such as Filters, our new UI makes our data more accessible and actionable than ever.

“I am very proud of our product and development teams for the work they have put in on this new release. Our new UI is even more intuitive, faster, and will provide a range of new tools to parse the larger amount of data we now collect and index from the darknet. This is a big step for DarkOwl’s customers,” said Mark Turnage, CEO of DarkOwl.

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