Design Your Dream Hangout

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Lunchables knows boredom blows. That’s why their new “Never Be Bored Again” promotion is helping kids trounce tedium. Enter “Design Your Dream Hangout” where kids can create their own personalized room, choosing from a ton of cool colors, themes, soundtracks and stuff — and put it all into an awesome space. Then they can rate other kids’ creations in the Prize Gallery, doling out some gold stickers themselves, for a change.

In Design Your Dream Hangout, kids have the opportunity to design any of three environments: a treehouse, a sports court, and a game room. These spaces would definitely be a must have in any kid’s mansion— if only mom and dad would bump their allowance by a couple of million;)

For the design tool, we fashioned an isometric 3D design environment, offering room designers a near-360° perspective on their creations without the technical overhead needed for full 3D.

Who wouldn’t love to climb into a two-story treehouse with a big screen LCD, a slide, and wall-to-wall carpeting? In this area, kids can choose from different basic treehouse templates, or design from scratch.

Sports Court
Lunchables gives kids energy. It’s time to unleash some of it on the soccer field. Or the basketball court. Or the hockey rink. In this space, kids can mix and match to create the sports court of their dreams.

Game Room
In this space, kids do their best to fill every square foot of floor space with a variety of different fun-filled games.

Unlockable Content
To encourage kids to create avatars, return to the site, rate gallery submissions, and design spaces, some content remains locked with a clear CTA to unlock it. Content unlocks include animations, special themes, new soundtracks, and more.

A “Save” button allows kids to save their designs for later editing. If the user isn’t logged in, app logic temporarily saves the design while taking the user through the registration flow. Kids can view previously saved designs in a “My Prizes” area, with the ability to remodel them, keeping or overwriting the original.

In each of the three design areas, kids can submit their creations to the Gallery. Once entered, other logged-in users can rate the Treehouse, Sports Court or Game Room on a multiple star scale. Viewers can sort and search the gallery by rating, creator, or type. To encourage creation, kids can choose to use an existing design as a starting point for their own.

Go ahead - try it out yourself! Be warned, the fun is addictive.