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Game of Thrones iPhone and iPad App
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Ice and Fire, is a weather-driven storytelling app that is part of a larger interactive campaign for the ambitious new HBO series, Game of Thrones. The television series is a visually arresting rendition of George RR Martin’s brilliant book series, A Song of Ice and Fire. The iPhone and iPad app is a beautiful accessory for both loyal fans and curious newcomers alike to get acquainted with some of the recurring locations in the up-coming series.

Our partner Weather Underground provided weather data from around the world. Users can add any location, worldwide, (via GPS or manually) to get a glimpse of exclusive, unreleased scenery associated with weather conditions from the user’s locations. The iPhone or iPad app becomes an open window to the alluring world of Westeros HBO has created. There are fifteen weather conditions, a few with several variations dependent on the time of day or temperature. A gray scene with freezing rain pitter-pattering on a cold stone bridge in Winterfell may illustrate a drizzle or wintery mix in London. Warm radiant light washing over Pentos could convey a clear sunny day in Los Angeles. An icy fog in Moscow could whisk the viewer away to Godswood. A snowstorm in New York reveals a scene from The North with frozen forest and snowflakes flying. With each weather condition, a brief description or detail of the location is included to complete the sensory experience. This amazing experience is availble cost-free for iPhone/iPad iOS 3.2 or later in the iTunes store!