The Inn at Crossroads

Game of Thrones Sound Experience
The Inn at the Crossroads allows novices to step inside Westeros and eavesdrop on the small folk with a custom-developed spatial sound application. During this experience, users can listen in on the common people of the Kingdom, where they’ll hear scandalous secrets and gossip of the realm. From rumors about King Robert’s secret brothel visits to dark conspiracy theories about the murdered Hand. The online soundscape will form an immersive story for the user to choose which conversations to gravitate towards as they “move” around the tables using the keyboard arrows. Aspiring maesters who listen extra closely may hear some especially interesting information, valuable to unlocking the sound link on the Maester’s chain.

Using knowledge overheard from the commoners, maesters are presented with the second challenge. Users must replicate the structure of alliances of the power players in Westeros. The game board is revealed in a painting reminiscent of a fresco on a cave wall, basked in candlelight. Dripping water echoes in the cave and the crackle of a fire engross the user into the cold, clammy environment. Using the family sigils, players can change the configuration through a drag and drop feature to correspond families of the five main Houses. Once the puzzle has been solved, a link on the Maester’s chain, a special video clip and a GetGlue badge are rewarded to the diligent listener.