The Wall

Game of Thrones Interactive 3D Experience
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This phenomenal visual experience allows users to journey to the apex of the staggering 700-foot ice Wall in this unique first-person virtual simulation. After heading upwards in a rickety caged elevator, the player reaches the top with walkways encased in ice and exposed wooden beams. The wind howls, the snow eddies and the viewer can see their own breath fogging before them. The Wall can be navigated with either the mouse or by the keyboard arrows. Tucked within the walkways is a raven’s coop where those that brave the Wall can send social messages to friends by the raven to spread the word via Twitter, Facebook or email. Peppered within the experience are guards standing watch, who viewers can “speak” with to get a sense of the glacial life up on the Wall.

The maze-like walkways leads to a vista, where the user can look out over the frigid Northern wastelands. For many it will be the first view of Westeros and will illustrate the cold harshness of the lands beyond Winterfell. Those in our Maester program will also be able to “Take The Black,” taking shifts to watch for danger as the ruthless wind and bitterly cold snow endlessly blows. In this third challenge, users should keep a watchful eye on the horizon, who knows who or what is lurking along the tree line and what dangers they may bring. Blow the horn to warn of a coming menace, before it’s too late! The ambitious maester with nimble feet and sharp eyes is rewarded with the sight link on the Maester’s chain, a new video from the series and another GetGlue badge for bragging rights.