Atmos Theatrical Trailer
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For over 40 years, Dolby has been known best for their fantastic audio engineering innovations in music and film. Recently, they released an incredible new audio technology called Atmos that immerses the theater-going audience more deeply within cinematic stories. Dolby hired Luxurious Animals to write, direct, and produce a trailer that would demonstrate the sonic advantages of Dolby Atmos®. There were two challenges – educating an audience without it becoming a technical nerd fest and giving the trailer universal appeal as it was going to play around the world in over 10 different languages. Our solution was to create a trailer that was visionary.

First, we decided that we needed a voice that would become the guide for our audience. We decided early on were going to give this a more human approach by staying away from trappings of all the specifications and features that are commonly used to showcase technology. This trailer had to be relatable. Secondly, we looked for universally recognized cinematic landscapes that were inspiring to both to the ear and the eye. The theme we landed upon was one of awe. The roar of a boisterous concert hall, the quiet of a desert landscape punctured by a speeding car, the power of water falling over a cliff, the textural grace of an underwater kelp forest, the sounds of night in the country from the perspective of a child, and even the deepness of outer space were some of the early favorites. Obviously in space no one can hear you scream, but cinematic space has such a rich history of providing an epic moment that it had be included.