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To celebrate active kids, Capri Sun offered kids something amazing — the chance to take on professional athletes in a live event field day competition.

It’s small fries versus big kahunas, as sweepstakes winners get to face real sports pros: John Cena, eleven-time WWE Champion; David Ortiz, eight-time MLB All-Star; Gabby Douglas, gold-winning Olympic gymnast; and Steph Curry, Golden State Warriors point guard.

But first everyone gets a chance to show the pros who’s boss in virtual matchup. Luxurious Animals, together with partner Razorfish, designed four games inspired by the athletes’ sports to engage kids ages 6–12. The games also served to generate sweepstakes entries for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Go head-to-head with David Ortiz as you try to smash the ball out of the park. Get bonus points for hitting balls at the right targets. There will be not only baseballs, but beach balls, tennis balls, and soccer balls thrown in to test your skill!

Take on John Cena in a giant robot hand thumb wrestling match. Whoever gets the most points in three rounds is the winner! Taking cues from "Rock, Paper, Scissors", you must choose from one of five thumb-rattling moves to beat your opponent. This is thumb wrestling like you've never seen it — complete with lightning bolts, tornados, laser beams and thumb-quakes!

You're invited to a three-point shooting competition against opponent Steph Curry. But it's an event like you've never seen; click to aim and shoot into one of FIVE different hoops. Although any basket will give you points, the baskets with the special markers give you the most points. The real challenge begins when the baskets start moving, increasing the difficulty.

Go toe-to-toe with Gabby Douglas as you walk down the balance beam. But watch out, you never know what's going to get in your way! Either jump or swerve to avoid obstacles…do it 3 times in a row for 5 seconds of invincibility.