Florida Dept of Citrus

Life in the Groves

360° Video Campaign
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Edelman selected Luxurious Animals to direct the "Life in the Groves 360° Experience in 3D" for the The Florida Department of Citrus. For the FDOC, it was important to convey how local farmers spend their lives growing oranges to make delicious orange juice. 360° video can transport the viewer right into the grove. Having farmer Ned walk around while pointing out that various aspects that make Florida orange juice the best was important. So we spent time working on Ned's choreography that would have the viewer explore everywhere while he spoke. What truly fascinated us is how the soil is completely different than we would have thought. Acre after acre of orange trees sit in soil that looks like a sandy beach. To enhance the richness of the experience through VR goggles, we recorded with 21st Century 3D's Ωmega 360° stereoscopic camera. The result is a beautiful compact story that can be enjoyed through VR goggles for the 3D and on the various social media channels that support 360° video.