Lux Ahoy - Dolby Edition

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At Luxurious Animals, we’re constantly hungry for new ways to bring the best interactive, video, and audio experiences to our brand clients. We originally developed Lux Ahoy for HTML5, and aimed to combine fun character animation with cutting-edge technologies. The story of the game revolves around two rivals, a sophisticated monster called LUXAMILLION and a posh elephant called TRUNKFORD, who are fighting an epic war across the seven seas. Their goal: total world domination. Their mighty galleons come equipped with massive cannons - a weapon designed to strike a fatal blow. Players can take three devastating attacks and their enemy will find themselves at the bottom of the ocean, while the victor takes home treasure most landlubbers can only dream of. Then, on to the next island, until all the loot in the world is yours.
Our game has become hugely popular and was even named one of the Top 10 HTML5 games of 2012 by
When Dolby approached us about porting the game to Kindle Fire HD and implementing the free Dolby API for Android to showcase quality audio technology, we were excited about the project. Garrett Nantz, our Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer, is a huge audio enthusiast and thought our collaboration would be a good way to show the benefits of quality audio in a casual game. Developers of casual games like Lux Ahoy typically do not consider audio to be a key component, or one that would drive downloads and deeper engagement. However after implementing the Dolby API for Android, we were able to prove otherwise. The API created a much richer and immersive experience, making the game feel more exciting and absorbing. It really took our game to the next level.
Overall, the Dolby API for Android was incredibly easy to work with and implement. The API package can be integrated seamlessly into existing projects and required no changes to our overall workflow. Adding the Dolby magic to our app was as easy as linking a JAR file with our project and calling Dolby-specific methods from our app. We used the Game profile inside the API, which creates a ‘live’ space to best bring out the effect of fast-moving objects in the audio. The API also offered music, movie and voice profile options. It took us just 15 minutes to add Dolby capabilities to our game. The API package comes with a JavaDoc and a Quick-Start Guide along with a sample application showing how Dolby APIs should be invoked. The folks at Dolby were extremely helpful and responsive to any questions we had along the way.
Today, we have a fun casual game that not only has great looking graphics, but also a rich audio soundtrack that pulls the user in and holds their attention. We are confident these enhancements have increased the overall experience for our customers on the Kindle Fire HD.