How the conversation started:

After creating several successful digital projects together, Cramer-Krasselt once again called upon Luxurious Animals to collaborate on ways to best deliver Porsche’s new 2011 Cayenne online initiative.

What were the client’s objectives:

Porsche wanted to highlight the 2011 Cayenne’s benefits: the practicalities of owning (The Need), plus its lavish, high performance features (The Want). At the same time, the brand asked Luxurious Animals to help open a conversation with Porsche owners and fans and establish a community of Porsche admirers.

What was our challenge:

Our goal was to manifest the duality of Porsche wants and needs, create a sense of online community and deliver it all in a short timeframe.

Who the project needed to talk to:

Although Porsche owners fall into several demographics, they all have a sense of honor and belonging to a fraternal order. Owning a Porsche was more than owning a transportation vehicle. It is a sense of connection to a greater family that appreciates the same finite detail that comes with owning such a machine. Talking at them would only create distance. Giving them a place to talk with one-another creates a stronger bond.

What we did:

Since we needed to get a dialog with the online community up within just a few weeks to help build momentum, it became clear that creating a user-generated site was the most crucial to launch first. So, we broke down the Porsche project into three phases.

Phase one of the project called “The New Utility” would serve as a dialogue between Porsche and its car owners and brand followers. The New Utility challenges users to redefine the word “utility.” With the look and feel of a collaborative dictionary or photo album, our virtual book encourages Porsche fans to fill with point-of-view definitions and photographs. Each user has an opportunity to contribute his or her own page, dedicated to what “Utility” personally means. Everyone is invited to rate which definitions are their favorites by clicking a “Like” button on the page.

For phase two, we continued with the success of the “The New Utility” book echoing creative thematic elements such as paper and photographic details in the full feature site. The internet audience is greeted with with a sea of floating photos in 3D space while a gorgeous black Cayenne drives into frame. Two buttons emerge, “I Want” and “I Need,” beckoning for interaction. This is a duality that Porsche reconciles with “Wants” for power, agility, design and “Needs,” representing fuel efficiency, safety, and reliability.

Once a section has been chosen, photos fly out of frame transitioning into one of the ten featured appeals of the vehicle. Within various sections, photos galleries, vehicles specs, and videos can be found expressing the Cayenne driving and ownership experience. Luxurious Animals created seven original motion-graphic laden videos that embrace the Porsche’s themes further with a luscious photographic treatment.

The third phase, was to enhance the previously created Porsche Family Tree by converting it into a Facebook app and automatically allow the most popular definitions from The New Utility book to live within the tree’s stories.

Big Idea:

The 2011 Cayenne embodies a new type of utility. Therefore, Utility is Porsche.

How did it succeed:

With thousands of online fans contributing stories, photos, and definitions within the first few weeks, it exceeded Porsche’s expectations.