Return on Experience

ROI Website Calculator
Adobe asked Luxurious Animals to develop a fun, interactive ROI web experience that leverages the Forrester Total Economic Impact report for their Experience Cloud suite of products. This site demonstrates the potential value of Adobe Experience Cloud while progressing them through a buying journey. Luxurious Animals provided copyrighting assistance, user experience design, data visualization, front-end WebGL and back-end web development services to build the interactive tool and provide real-time calculations.

Business Objectives

  • Present TEI findings in an engaging format that surfaces key areas of Adobe Experience Cloud value

  • Meet key persona needs and progress their journey

  • Enable personas to share/sell Adobe Experience Cloud value internally

  • Gather form fills for sales

Creative Objectives

  • Continue Adobe’s mission of design excellence

  • Create a memorable experience

  • Design an interesting data visualization model

  • Using tool should be intuitive and engaging