R U An Internet Badass?

Facebook Quiz
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If there’s two things that the Animals love, it’s the internet and sass! So, we were just tickled when TAXI asked Luxurious Animals to create a Facebook application. The client, Rover, is the nation’s first pay-as-you-go unlimited and mobile 4G internet service. The app is a tongue-in-cheek survey that has 20 questions and 4 separate categories. The survey is open to all Facebook members between the ages of 18 and 29. The cheeky questions ranging from the types of content that users release in cyber space, to attitudes toward safety or general use of the internet, to online activities.

At the end of the survey, the user is ranked based on their given answers with their rank in the online social structure:”Creative Genuis” for online content creators; “Social Butterfly”, for the Facebook addict; “Tech Guru” for the digital dorks; “Digital Deviants” for the technophiles who use technology for Evil; and “E-pathetic” users who are either terrified or ignorant to the information highway. Users can then post their ranking to their Facebook profile and share the survey with their friends!