Sunshine on a Ranney Day


Logo and Tagline
After seven years, Sunshine on a Ranney Day needed their brand to reflect how much they had grown as non-profit. Their mission has been an incredible gift to families who have children with special needs - build accessible bathrooms, dream bedrooms, and therapy rooms. Luxurious Animals redesigned their logo, developed a tagline, and created a story for their mascot.

Sunshine on a Ranney Day Logo - Before and After

The mascot Gracie the Pig was inspired by the founders unconventional wedding present. That gift was a baby pot-bellied pig named Gracie. Gracie has grown up since then and has evolved into a high-flying, golden pot-bellied pig who loves making dreams come true for children who face daily struggles. With her magical cape, she soars high above the clouds searching below for a family who could use a little extra ray of hope in their child's life. With her trusty handsaw by her side, Gracie and her team of Sunshiners build wheelchair accessible bathrooms, dream bedrooms and in-home therapy rooms. She knows anything is possible with a little bit of Sunshine!

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