The Flatbread Story

Panera HTML5 Site
Panera Bread has added three delicious new flatbread sandwiches to their menu. While the new bread may be flat, the flavors are definitely not. Luxurious Animals created a fun, informative, interactive pop-up book that tells Panera's Flatbread story. The experience starts with a closed book titled “Our Flatbread Story.” The book open to reveal pages containing a vibrant, Mediterranean pop-up book style
world. Pull tabs create exploratory moments where we can learn about feta cheese, crisp cucumbers, and succulent antibiotic-free chicken with our hero being the Mediterranean Chicken Flatbread Sandwich. Turning the page takes us to the flavorful land of the Southwest. Grilled corn, poblano peppers, black beans beckon to be played with. Our last destination, reveals the bold flavors of Thailand. Coconut, cilantro, and zesty lime showcase the natural ingredients.