The World of Bombardier

Digital Pitchbook iPad App
Luxurious Animals together with Taxi recently launched The World of Bombardier, a pitchbook app for the iPad. The World of Bombardier app for iPad has been designed to efficiently deliver pertinent top line information about the world’s only manufacturer of planes and trains. It also showcases stunning interactive visuals of some of the most impressive and advanced transportation products on the planet.

Our Approach
As we created this work, we strove for powerful imagery and compositing to bring across the exhilaration of the amazing vehicles produced by Bombardier. We set all our scenes at sunset, the “magic hour”, to bath our planes and trains in dramatic lighting. We created gorgeous full screen animations of Bombardier vehicles in motion to bring the application to life. Also included are interactive demos of the vehicles as well as twitter feeds, investor information, and the quarterly webcast. The interactive demos featured an interior/exterior exploration of the Zefiro train and even a 360 degree view of the CSeries cockpit!

Rich Banners
Additionally, Luxurious Animals created two rich media banners for this campaign to promote the application. In Luxurious fashion they feature slick animated trailers for the app.