Winning on the Road

HTML5 Website
When CDW asked for a site with enough horsepower to match their new Technoliner Ultimate Technology Vehicle, Ogilvy brought us on board. We decided the best way to convey a cross-country extravaganza was to take a detour from standard vertical or horizontal scrolling parallax sites and enter the third dimension (aka "z-space" in the nerd dimension). To increase MPG (megabytes per grin) efficiency, we coupled lightweight vector graphics with GPU accelerated animations. The result? An online experience that delivers high-performance matched with beautiful styling.

The site follows the fictitious Gordan & Taylor company as they hit the highway in a high-tech office on wheels. Turns out Charles Barkely is a member of the IT team at Gordon & Taylor, “a company that wins at everything.” Charles helps them win basketball games (or lose at golf, which is a form of winning), and CDW helps them win at IT — since Sir Charles doesn’t have a lot of experience in that arena. Thankfully, CDW has lots of experience in many arenas: they provide technology solutions for some of the country’s biggest sports venues.

To showcase CDW’s stadium wins and mobile technology solutions, Ogilvy crafted the concept of the Gordon & Taylor mobile office — a bus packed with the latest and greatest offerings from CDW partners like HP, Cisco, NetApp, and VMware.

Even cooler, CDW teamed up with West Coast Customs to create a real-world version of the bus. The Technoliner Ultimate Technology Vehicle is a tricked-out tech triumph, and it’s rolling to a city near you.

We delivered our own brand of technology solutions to the site, taking advantage of native SVG rendering, hardware accelerated CSS transitions and transforms, and requestAnimationFrames for high fidelity motion.