Cramer-Krasselt asked Luxurious Animals to help with their new campaign for TransUnion Interactive’s personal finance and credit management tool: zendough. Our role in the campaign was to translate the idea of having complete financial control into engaging online stimuli. So engaging that they will hurdle the web community over to zendough site. We achieved this by creating several rich media online advertisements, including banner games, that could be found on sites such as,,,, and just to name you a few.

How often do you see an ad banner game that you actually want to play? Hardly ever. That’s why we present these two: Achieve zendough and Coin Control. They challenge users to tackle the games, master them, and eventually trying out the zendough product. In Achieve zendough, the top-down, shoot ‘em up game, you are the hero in the center and your objective is to defeat swarming, credit-damaging robotic ghosts. Watch out for the tough boss ghost who will shoot red hot laser beams from his rifle. In Coin Control, show off your dexterity by doing the knuckle roll. Be quick with your fingers if you want to make that quarter dance. When you have mastered of the coin, you are invited to master your finances.

In addition to the games, we created a few other stimuli that enchants the web community with the zendough campaign. The Zen Garden Homepage takeover banner seems at first like a simple ad. It is flooded with numbers and characters in a small ad bar, but eventually fall away to form a tranquil zen garden floating in the center of the webpage. The pond that surrounds the garden moves slightly with gentle waves. Makes you wish managing finances could really be so peaceful that you’d want to check out zendough.

The Identity Theft Tandem Synched Set, will psyche you out. A woman’s face in an unassuming fashion ad peels off her head and floats away. A robber wears it as a mask in another ad at the top of the page. After seeing this creepy depiction, who would want identity theft happen to them?